Hi Gorgeous Human! Thanks for stopping by. 
I'm Jessica, a graphic designer, lettering artist, day dreamer, storyteller, and whimsy chaser. I'm a graduate of Nossi College of Art in Nashville, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Graphic Design Media. I'm currently based in Twin Falls, Idaho where I am freelancing.
I fell in love with Graphic Design when I realized it was a career where problem-solving, psychology, storytelling, and creative aesthetics meet to make magic. I enjoy all aspects of design, but particularly thrive in brand and identity building, publication design and layout, and anything with expressive typography and bright colors. I've learned that the best results come from collaboration with a killer team and allowing concepts to grow and change through iteration. I strive to be curious and not take anything too seriously. 
When I'm not doing designing, I'm likely to be found hanging with my puppy Luna, listening to audiobooks while making all the things (from felt stuffed creatures to sterling silver jewelry and everything between), finding ways to be sunshine in an often stormy world (stay tuned for Cloudburst coming 2024), or plotting to return to Disneyland with my awesome husband. 
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