Bank of Idaho has its roots in Eastern Idaho, and has since expanded to Western Idaho and  Eastern Washington. With a goal of becoming the go-to bank of the Pacific Northwest, all work done for Bank of Idaho protected nearly a billion dollars in assets as I worked with compliance guidelines and sought to communicate the bank's priority for meeting the needs of their customers as individuals. This client provided me with opportunities to create internal and external collateral from manuals and reports, to billboards, event materials, and even lanyards. 
The Client: Bank of Idaho
The Brief: Despite having almost a billion dollars in assets under management, Bank of Idaho was still operating all marketing design choices through a simple style sheet that showed only two variations of its logo, a single typeface, and the primary red and green brand colors. In building this stripped-back brand guidelines manual, our goal was to align the understanding of both the marketing team, hired designers, and any employees who were needing to create anything in relation to the brand as to what was and wasn't permissible. 
The Client: Bank of Idaho
The Brief: Each year at the Shareholder Meeting, President, Chairman, and CEO Jeff Newgard presents an annual report book to the board to account for the bank's financial growth and development, in addition to highlighting community involvement and participation. 2022 was a major year of growth for the bank as they acquired five branches in Eastern Washington, opened another branch in Washington, and added an additional branch to the Boise area to better serve customers there. 
The Annual Report is part yearbook, part historical record, and then eighty or so pages of private institutional information. As such, below I have included just a few pages for your reference rather than including the completed, nearly 100 page project. In addition to providing the design for this project, I contributed heavily to the copy as well. 
The Client: Bank of Idaho
The Brief: Provide an ad for Boise and Meridian Lifestyle featuring Jessica Rollins of Western Air Express with Kelsey Haylett for the SBA Team. 
The below is one of a year and a half's worth of ads created on behalf of Bank of Idaho for the magazine publications. Each ad had to be submitted two months prior to printing. It was frequently my responsibility to pitch the concept, design, and send to the publisher in a timely fashion, requiring forethought and time management. 
The Brief: Plan for, create, and maintain social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the Bank. Use the brand tone in all caption writing, highlight members of the team whenever possible, and be aware of and share any events that the bank may be sponsoring. 
I maintained the social media for nearly two years, covering a variety of topics and events while adhering to brand guidelines, coordinating with the marketing director, and meeting compliance regulations. 
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